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Manufactured to the highest quality standards in the USA

Lockers Of America Plastic Lockers are manufactured to highest quality standards in the USA. We can assist you in finding Plastic Lockers in many sizes and made of the highest quality workmanship. We provide Plastic Lockers for all applications where corrosion or rust is a problem. We sell Plastic Lockers to Upscale County Clubs, Health Spas, Resorts, Hotels and Industry. We also sell Steel Lockers, Athletic Lockers, Laminated Lockers, Wood Lockers and Condo Tenant Storage Lockers.



1. The plastic lockers in this photo shows double tier plastic lockers as well as quad tiers plastic lockers (seen in the right hand corner). One of the wonderful features of our plastic lockers are their glossy, white, marble-like surface. Oftentimes (depending on the amount and depth of the surrounding carpet and wall color), our LOA Locker Systems™ plastic lockers will reflect the surrounding color hues.

The color scheme picked for this plastic lockers project was #93 Navy. The combination of deep indigo carpeting and aqua flooring, along with our Navy trimmed plastic lockers, lent a breezy, Classic, nautical feel to the décor. The result was stunning!

2. LOA Lockers Systems™ plastic lockers fills the "aesthetic" as well as the "functional" needs of high-end facilities. Our plastic lockers will not rust, corrode, or warp. And they are Beautiful!

The plastic lockers featured above are 4 wide double tiers -- model #2222DT. It features a coat rod, hook, and stainless steel hasp (standard). Master keyed locks, card locks, coin, and Digi-locks are also available. All of our plastic lockers include a built-in base, and finished end-panels ... at no extra charge!

The color scheme of these plastic lockers are #94 Sandust Clay. This locker trim, plus the luscious, pale-coral carpeting, and antique-gold sponged walls lent an air of Elegance and Sophistication to this facility's locker/sauna/shower area. Many facility owners have commented that our plastic lockers have helped to sell memberships to their clubs. Their clients loved them... Yours will, too!

3. The plastic lockers color scheme chosen here was #76 Punch . The combination of color trim, berry-colored carpeting, and beautiful plants resulted in a tropical fusion! The plastic lockers featured here are double tiers and quad tiers. The look of this facility was Modern. Our plastic lockers systems, with their sleek lines , fit in perfectly.

Instead of corner fillers, the owners chose to use plants to separate the plastic lockers spaces, to avoid the feeling of "being surrounded by lockers". This worked well because the plastic lockers area was immense, and over 300 frames of plastic lockers were in this room alone. The plants also served to soften the striking contrast between the strong, berry-colored flooring, and the white walls. After the project was completed, the facility owners were amazed to see that the plastic lockers reflected the hue of the carpeting ... taking on a soft pink glow and adding "softness" to the décor.

4. NEW! LOA Lockers Systems™ Benches feature: Same elegant, glossy, white, marble-like polypropylene finish,1 inch thickness, polypropylene material construction, matching coordinate accent trim, rust-proof stainless steel pedestal (floor mount) -- standard; paint coated metal also available as option., standard sizes: 3ft, 4ft, and 5ft and 8ft., custom sizes also available, *shown in #67 Pineapple, LOA Lockers Systems™ benches will not rust, corrode or warp under humid conditions.